SUPPORT is a purely non-commercial and ‘Not for Profit’ endeavor of Empowering Ummah Foundation, which is a registered NGO having necessary Certifications from the Income Tax Department, Government of India.

Empowering Ummah Foundation was established on 29th May 2013 as a Public charitable Trust with the main intention of serving the society.’s main objective is to make sharing of blood easier, quicker and efficient and to act as a life saving support system to those in need.

We have a vision of a world in which we see people facing absolutely no difficulty or worry in acquiring required blood or life saving services, in exigent situations..

Keeping this in mind, we’re endeavoring to design a platform where the idea is to create a life-saving support system by providing a platform not only for sharing blood but also to cater to medical emergencies with the following features:

  Blood donation module with advanced search options like locality search, area      search, search within a radius based on kilometers
  User profiles with Health History
  Blood donation calendar / tracker with reminders
  Database of Hospitals, medical centers, blood banks, ambulance services

  Information with respect to health/medical camps along with volunteering opportunities.
  Online live Chat.
  SMS notification to donors
  Dedicated Telephone lines to support sharing of blood

We’d be delighted if you could add to the above scope and help us improve as this is a work in progress.

We’d also be honored to have you as a member of this modest endeavor and be a partner in this journey to achieve our vision.

You can also join us as a volunteer and help us carry out various activities which would be helpful to the society.

We are registered under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 which helps you save tax on any amount that you donate to us. Your donations are important to us, as this is the only means to achieve our vision.

We look forward to work with you in this beautiful enterprise for public benefit.

Team ~ Share A Life

An Empowering Ummah Foundation initiative.

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Satisfaction of doing & supporting good

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Satisfaction of doing & supporting good

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Satisfaction of doing & supporting good

Opportunity to partner with us in making this a reality

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